22 June 2014

Diggin' Into Reading

I'm linking up again this week with the "Diggin' into next year" linky party!
Teach reading and reading comprehension!

When my son was 4, I introduced him to some sight words and word families, and he just took off reading! He is now 6 and reads at a 3rd grade level. This year I really want to focus more on teaching him literary elements, using context clues, and making inferences, instead of just seeing how big of a book he can read through ;)

I will continue with my daughter, who is now 4, with learning her sight words, working with word families, and beginning the reading process. She seems to be learning at a more average pace than her brother, so I'm learning to take things slow and not push her too fast!

I created these "Daily Dose" task cards to be a quick daily practice of reading comprehension, using context clues, and making inferences. I plan to use one of these each day in my son's morning notebook!
Reading Comprehension Task Cards ~ Daily Dose ~ Bundle
I also have some fun activities I'll be using with my daughter to practice her sight words and word families! Dot Marker Sight Word Mystery Pictures, and Word Family Mystery Pictures! Such great practice, but so much fun!
Dot Marker Sight Words Mystery Picture Activities
Word Family Mystery Picture Activities
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