06 August 2014

It's Almost Here!

Back to school is almost here for us! I am planning on starting up on August 25, which is when the districts around us will start. I'm linking up again with Where the Magic Happens for our "Diggin' Into" series to talk about how we get ready for the beginning of school!

Homeschooling is obviously different than the classroom at the beginning of the year. We don't have to spend time getting to know each other, but there is certainly more complaining about not getting to watch tv and having to do work :-)

I like to build anticipation about how much fun we'll have when school starts, so we're already talking about things we'll learn and stuff we'll get to do. I've ordered my curriculum for my 1st grader

and found a few cute items at the Target dollar spot.

And we've even done a few "fun" activities to get their fingers and hands ready for writing again!
We also just moved into a new house a few days ago, so of course one of the rooms I had to set up first was the school room! It's actually just half of the room, and the other half is a play room to keep 2 little sisters occupied while I work with the older 2. It's not much, but it's more space than we have before, so I am very excited! This is the work in progress!

I am so excited to be a part of the awesome giveaway for the end of our Diggin Into series. Check out Laura's post to see the great prizes! It starts August 11th, so be sure to check back then to enter!