09 April 2015

Love the Earth - Fun Activities for Earth Day

We are having so much fun learning about the Earth! Today we went on a "nature hunt" around the block, and the kids gathered leaves, grass, pebbles, and sticks for our art project!

I typed up and printed out these sheets:

*You can get the template I made HERE!
Then we glued each one to a piece of construction paper to make it more sturdy. The kids used the nature treasures to fill in the letters!

I just love how these turned out! As they glued, we talked about ways that we can love the earth: not littering, conserving water, recycling, etc.
We also had some coloring fun!

These color pages and many more are from my Earth Day Print & Go Pack that you can find HERE!

All About the Earth - Print and Go - Math & Literacy - No Prep
Another fun activity we have done is creating an earth mobile.
We colored a paper plate like the earth, then drew pictures on paper hearts that represented things we can do to love the earth. Then we put it together with string and tape!