07 November 2015

Schoolroom, Surgery, and Baby!

Wow, it has been a crazy last couple of months for our family! You may know we moved overseas back in August, and were living in a small apartment until we could get our visas and find a house to rent. We finally found a great house and moved in about a month ago.

My favorite part of the house is that I have an entire room dedicated for homeschool!! I am so grateful for this space that we have, and we finally have it all set up. Pretty much every piece of furniture came from IKEA.

Since it's technically a bedroom, there are built in closets, giving me lots of storage space! And to be honest, it's nice that I can hide stuff away and not worry about it all being super organized and cute :-) I also got a pocket chart for the first time! I love using it with my kindergartener. There are so many activities we can do with it.
In addition to moving, I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and had an emergency appendectomy two weeks ago. It's a fairly common procedure, but I am also 24 weeks pregnant with little treasure #5, so that made things a little more complicated. Thankfully, everything went well and I have pretty much fully recovered already.
We had to take a few days off of school during my surgery and recovery, but we always make time to read books! My kids love "A Pie Went By" by Carolyn Dunn. It's a silly story, but great for rhyming, repetition, and sequencing. There is a recipe for King Bing's cherry pie in the book, so we made that one night. Anything for those text to self connections :)