04 March 2016

Long Vowel Activities

Are you looking for some fun and simple ways for your kids to practice reading long vowel/CVCe words? Check out these ideas!

For this first trick, all you need is a popsicle stick to make  a magic 'e' wand!

I printed out some CVC words that can change into CVCe words and taped an 'e' on a popsicle stick. Then we practiced reading the words before and after adding the magic 'e'. When we would add the 'e' we would exclaim "bippity boppity boo!" to make things a little more fun.

Fluency strips are also a fantastic way for readers to build fluency, so I created some using long vowels! See the strips in action:

You can make some of these yourself by typing up sentences, cutting out strips, and stapling them together (or put them on a ring). If you'd like some that are already created, you can get mine here: Fluency Strips Bundle.
For more practice we did some interactive notebook pages!  
This week we have also been adjusting to life and homeschool with a newborn! Our sweet #5 was born on February 16th.  He is a very good baby and still sleeping most of the time (he's almost 3 weeks now), so for the most part, we are able to complete our work with little distraction from him. Now my 2 year old is a different story...