21 July 2016

How to Teach Skip Counting - Ideas & Activities

Skip counting is such an important skill to teach your little ones. It helps with number sense, patterns, telling time, estimation, and multiplication! Here are some ideas and activities for practicing skip counting!

1. Use a blank hundreds chart and dot markers. Dot by 2's, 5's, or whatever number you are working on! You can also make a reusable version by putting it in a plastic sheet protector and using dry erase markers. 

2. Skip count out loud with a partner or group. Use 2 people to count by twos. One person will start and whisper or mouth "one". The next person says "two". Keep going so that the even numbers are heard but the odd numbers are not. Then the partners can switch so the other person says the even numbers. Try with 3 people to count by threes. This time the first two people mouth "one", "two", and the third person says "three!" Keep going the same way so the multiples of 3 are spoken aloud. Try it with any number by using the same amount of people as the number you are counting by. 

3. FREE practice pages - This is a set of 6 pages that I created to help practice counting by twos and fives. 

4. Skip Counting Dot to Dots - www.MathWorksheets4Kids.com has a ton of skip counting dot to dot puzzles like this one.

5. Popsicle Sticks Math Center - Read my post HERE about this fun activity that can be used to practice skip counting with any number!