24 May 2014

Top Ten for Summer

I'm linking up over at Deanna Jump's blog with the top ten things I want to do this summer!
1. First and foremost I want to potty train this little jewel! She turned 2 in January and is definitely ready, I just haven't had time to be consistent with her.
2. Clean out the house and have a garage sale. We are planning on moving overseas early next year, so now is the perfect time to start cleaning out and downsizing!
3. Have more dates with these two! We try to make time to go out for one on one special times with mommy or daddy, but it doesn't happen too often during the school year.

4. TpT Conference in Vegas! I'm so excited to be going to this conference! I'm looking forward to learning a lot and meeting some awesome people!

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5. Research and order our curriculum for homeschool next year. Up until this point I haven't used much curriculum since my oldest just finished kindergarten. But going into 1st grade I feel like we need a little more structure, so I'll be researching to find out what we need and get it ordered!
6. Zoo, Children's Museum, and swimming!
7. Spend time with my family (parents & siblings and their families). We love being altogether, and even though it's a little crazy with my 4 kids and my sister's 3 boys (and all 7 of them are 6 and younger) we always have fun together!
8. I'd like to start exercising again. If only I could get the kids to sleep in. What age do they actually like to sleep....cause it ain't happening yet! It's all I can do to keep them in bed until 7am!
9. Get all the kids (and us) caught up with checkups, dentist appointments, and vaccinations.
10. Finally, I want to enjoy my baby girl while she is still a baby! She'll be 9 months old this week! And also I need to finish up all my baby books!! I'm a little behind :-)