27 October 2014

Pumpkin Investigation

We had so much fun with our pumpkin investigation today! Each of the kids got their own small pumpkin to investigate. First we talked about words that describe the outside of the pumpkin and the kids drew a picture on their investigation sheets.

The kids made predictions about their pumpkins and wrote them down.

Next, we did some investigations to find out the facts!

Finding weight by measuring the kids with the pumpkin and without! Great way to incorporate more math :)

Counting seeds by making groups of 10
We wrote the findings on the second investigation worksheet.
You can grab these worksheets for free HERE.
The cleaning out and counting seeds took awhile since I had to help them all with it, so if this is an activity you want to do with a classroom of students, I would suggest doing it in groups with parent volunteers!
 Tomorrow we are planning on painting pumpkins and making a craft with all of our pumpkin seeds!