20 March 2015

Five for Friday

1. I just got a new blog design this week! I love everything about it. A big shout out to Parker from PJ's Design Laboratory for creating it for me!
2. Getting back into the groove of school was a little tough after Spring Break, but we managed alright! :-) Thankfully we had a couple of really gorgeous days, so we were able to spend a lot of time outside.
3. For St. Patrick's Day, we did this cute directed drawing from Jennifer @ First Grade Blue Skies. You can grab it for free on her blog here! My kids are always so silly, so they had to have his tongue sticking out!

4. I spent a lot of time this week on Pinterest, looking for homeschool room ideas. I haven't spent alot of time or money setting up a room for us, because we are always in transition! We are moving again in August, and we plan on being in one place for awhile, so I'm ready to spend a little money to get a nice room set up that we can enjoy having school in!


5. I posted a new product this week! I wanted to create a resource that I could use with my daughter as she is learning to write, so I came up with this "Think, Draw, Write" packet. There are over 50 pages with a picture and a prompt for the students to think about, then draw their response and write a sentence about it. You can check it out HERE and download a free one to try in the preview!


Happy Friday everyone!!