07 September 2013

Baby & Pumpkins

First things first....I've been away for a week because I had my baby girl!! We named her Cayla, and she is wonderful. You can see pictures here on my family blog.

Second, as I was sweating myself into a puddle during my son's soccer game today at noon in the 100* heat, I was thinking about how ready I am for fall...and pumpkins! I just love pumpkins! So to hopefully usher in some fall-ish weather soon, I'm going to share this Pumpkin Mystery Picture Graph for free the rest of the weekend! These are so fun for the kids (best for grades 3 and up) and great practice using graphs, coordinates, and following directions! Have fun....and if you are having some cooler weather, send a little my way!

Mystery Picture Graph - Pumpkin/Jack-O-Lantern