01 February 2014

February Currently

It's that time again for Currently with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Right now I'm currently:

Yes - my husband and I decided it was time to detox a little from sugar! So we are doing one month with no "extra sugar" like desserts, candy, soda, etc. For me that also means no diet soda which I am completely addicted to! We're on day 5, and both surviving :-)
Did you figure out the fib? Well, if you know anything about me or read my profile you know that I lived overseas for 5 years and have traveled many places around the world....so I have definitely been on a few airplanes! I truly have never gotten a speeding ticket, or even pulled over for speeding! I just like going the speed limit! And, yes I went bungee jumping when I was 14. I was vacationing with my friend and her family in South Padre, and we did it. I told my parents afterwards. Better to ask forgiveness than permission. :-)