23 February 2014

President's Day!

There's so many fun things you can do to learn about the Presidents and celebrate President's Day, but we just did a couple of simple things this year. I think in a few years the kids will be more ready to tackle the information, but for now we just stuck to knowing that George Washington & Abraham Lincoln were presidents and they each did special things to help our country. We did this color by number of George Washington and then did a paper plate craft to make his face! Things always look cuter on Pinterest...but oh well, they had fun :-)

For older kids, I  have this cute Abraham Lincoln Mystery Picture Graphing Activity!
Abraham Lincoln {Mystery Picture Graphing Activity}
Since we lived in a country that had a king (Jordan) for several years, it was a great springboard for discussion about the differences between a king and a president. They were asking some great questions! I love curious little minds :-)