30 January 2014

Word Sorts

I decided to start doing some spelling lessons with my kindergartener this week. I wasn't doing it before because he is such a good reader that I assumed he would be able to spell very well too. But then I got some great advice from another homeschool mom who said her child was the same, but as he got older he was an awful speller because they never worked on it. So I decided to start doing some!

I did a little research and decided that I wanted to use the word sort method, where basically each week he has a group of words that can be sorted into similar spelling patterns. We did very simple words this week (-ap, -am, and -at word families) to get our feet wet. I think it went really well! I'm still looking for other fun activities we can do with the words (suggestions welcome) but here's what we did this week:

Monday - Give him the paper with the words on it. He cut them out and sorted them into groups. I didn't tell him how to sort, I just let him figure it out. Then he read all the words. We put the words in a baggie to keep.

Tuesday - He sorted the words again. Then he traced and wrote each word.

Wednesday - He traced each word 3 times with different colors (we call it Rainbow Words) then cut them out and glued them in groups on a tri-folded piece of construction paper.

Thursday - Test! I read the words aloud as he wrote them down.

Week 1: Success!