13 February 2015

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today to share 5 things about our week!
1.  Today was our traditional Valentine's Day cookie making!

I love these icing pouches! We used to use a can of frosting and knifes to spread it, but these are so easy for the kids to just squeeze on the cookies!

We may not make the cutest cookies....but we make some great memories!

2.  Craft time! Take a toilet paper roll, squeeze it into the shape of a heart and tape it. Then use it to dip in paint and stamp some hearts!
3. We hung up our coffee filter hearts {see previous post} on the back door. They are quite the festive decorations!
4. My preschooler is working on reading simple sentences with cvc words and sight words! She is very proud of this completed (and quite decorated) Read and Match page!
You can see the whole pack we're working on here:
CVC Word Families No Prep Review Pages
5. Sometimes you walk around the corner and find a pencil taped to the wall.
Oh...kids are funny!