23 February 2015

100th Day of School Fun

Well, today in Texas many schools are closed due to freezing weather and icy roads. But since we don't have to leave the house for school, we got to finally celebrate our 100th day of school!  We started off by playing this fun game using dice. First we guessed how many rolls it would take to get to 100. Then we rolled a die and colored in that many squares on the hundreds chart until we got to 100.

We had a fun snack of 10 different foods so we practiced counting by 10s along the way.
The kids drew pictures of themselves at 100 years old.
Then we used an app called Aging Booth on the iPad to see what they would really look like at 100. So funny....and slightly creepy!

We also guessed how many times we could do different activities in 100 seconds. We shot baskets, did jumping jacks, and wrote our name.
I put the pages we used today as a free download in my blog store. You can grab them HERE!
Another fun activity is completing a Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture. Here are a few freebies that you can find in my store!
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Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture FREEBIE - Penguin