30 July 2013

Children Desiring God

One reason I love homeschooling is that I get to teach my kids about the Bible and God during school! Last year we used the Joyful Heart Character Curriculum from Hubbards Cupboard. Each week we focused on a characteristic that God wants us to be (joyful, honest, loving, etc.) Best of all, it's free! There are a lot of other great free literacy and math resources on the website as well!

This year I want to focus more on who God is, so I started researching and found the Children Desiring God website. In their Sunday School lessons they have a curriculum called the ABC's of God, which goes through characteristics of God that start with each letter of the alphabet!

The curriculum is not free, but they have a free download of the scope and sequence with each letter, Bible passage, and memory verse. Besides it is geared at 1st-3rd grade, and my kids are 3 and 5, so, I'm just using the outline and coming up with my own activities each week suitable for my younger kids - which is what I love to do anyway!

As excited as I am to teach my kids reading, science, math, and other typical school subjects, I get even more excited to see them learn and grow in their understanding of their Creator!!