01 July 2013


It's such a funny word....schedule...but it's one of my favorite! As a mom of 3 young kids, it is a must in our house if I want to keep my sanity! When we don't have a schedule to follow, chaos ensues. The classroom is much the same way. There are built in things in your schedule at school (lunch, specials, etc.) but if you don't have a plan for the rest of the time, it's almost impossible to get everything done that you need to!

Every few months it seems I am changing up what our daily routine looks like. Our spring looked something like this:


This was mostly for my oldest, and was adjusted for the younger two as needed. Now that it's summer, we've been traveling, visiting family, and not really having much of a schedule....and it's driving me nuts! It's amazing how the kids' behavior is affected by a lack of schedule. I have some ideas floating around about a routine for the next month or two until we get back into school, but I have yet to write them down and start doing them! Something I have done in the past that I'd like to start again is sibling play time, where 2 of the kids have scheduled time to play together, and the other one can do something with me or have alone time (which I also think is good for them to have). This helps keep the bickering down since they are not all together all the time! All this thinking has inspired me....I'm off to make a new schedule!!

~Lauren :-)