26 August 2013

Computer Time!

I started my first day of school today. No....not as the teacher....as the student! My husband and I are doing a training school this fall so that we can go back overseas next year. What this means however, is that I have to leave my sweet kiddos at home with a sitter four mornings a week while we are in class! Since we are homeschooling, this creates a challenge for our schedule! So, what we've been doing is having the kids have computer time in the morning (not the whole time of course, an hour for the oldest and half hour for the preschooler) and then when I get home at 12:30, we do a little bit of work before they have rest time. It seems to be working pretty good so far. I am amazed at all the great websites out there for the kids to learn! Not all are free, but a lot of them are! I wanted to share the websites that I have found fun and useful for my kids!

ABCya.com Logo
ABCya.com - This is a completely FREE site with tons of educational games divided up by subjects and grade levels (K-5).

Where children have fun learning to read!
Starfall.com - This has some great free games and activities, but also has a paid version where you get access to more. I decided to pay for a year's subscription ($35) since I don't have as much time as I'd like this fall to plan stuff for the kids. There are so many great things on the website, not only reading, but various math skills as well. I feel that it is very much worth it!

Istation - This is a program that many schools use (I think it's just a Texas thing), but I found out I could use it as home for free by setting up a home account. It is great for helping my son practice his reading and comprehension skills, and it gives great reports on his progress!

I know there are so many other great websites out there, these are just the 3 that we have fallen in love with!

What websites have you discovered that work well at your school or home?