12 August 2013

Keep Calm and...

Unless you have been hiding under a big rock lately, you've no doubt noticed that there are now "Keep Calm" posters for just about anything you can imagine!! Personally, I think it's getting slightly annoying, but that's beside the point. :-)
My point is that a few weeks ago when starting preschool with my 3 year old, I had to keep reminding myself to "keep calm and teach on." You see, when I started preschool with my son, who is now 5, it was a breeze. He is one of those kids who just "got it." I did all the normal mommy stuff with him, reading lots of books, talking about colors, letters, and numbers, and by the time he was 4 he could read and do math problems in his head!
Before starting with my daughter, I told myself that my son was an exception, not the rule, and it probably wasn't going to be that easy for my other kids. I didn't want to compare them. But....wow, easier said than done! After 4 weeks now of practicing letters with my daughter, I can see a little progress for sure, but then I'll show her a picture of "B" and ask what sound it makes and she'll say, "aaa, like aaaapple!" Oy! It's a little frustrating. I know she's only 3, and I'm NOT pushing her, she loves to do school and always asks to do more. I just have to remember to keep calm and .... teach on!