09 August 2013

Double Feature & Facebook Frenzy!!

Today I'm honored to have 2 of my freebies featured on different sites!

First, one of my free Mystery Picture Graphs is featured on Teacher Gems!

Mystery Picture Graph - School Teacher

And second, my Colorful Polka Dot Backgrounds will be featured today on the FB page Teacher Made Freebies!

Colorful Polka Dot Backgrounds
Check out their sites for more great freebies today!
Also, the August Facebook Frenzy started this morning and will continue through Monday!!
You can start at my FB page and then keep clicking through to get all the great free resources only available here!! I am a part of the grades 3+ and Clipart group, but if you need more K-2 stuff, you can start at Creation Castle.
It really is a fabulous FREE Friday :-)
And this has nothing to do with any of that....but I am having my 36 week OB check up today. I'm scheduled to have this baby 3 weeks from today! So excited :-)