30 April 2014


I think every kid should get to experience watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly! We recently had the chance to do it at our house! We got a butterfly house and cups of caterpillars from www.insectlore.com

They come with all the food they need as caterpillars, so we just watched them eat and grow! After a few days they attached themselves to the top of the cup and each formed a chrysalis.
Then the only tricky part is removing the top that they are attached to and gently pinning it to the mesh sides of the butterfly garden. We then waited for a week or so while they transformed. One morning we saw that our first butterfly had emerged!
We put a small bowl in the butterfly house with flowers from our yard, sprinkled with a little sugar water.
After a few more days all the butterflies had emerged and it was time to let them go!
We took their house outside to our bushes and opened the top.
After a little coaxing we got them all out!
It was so neat to watch them all flying around. Such a great experience for the kids. And the neat thing is, their house can be used over and over again, we just have to order a new cup of caterpillars!