07 April 2014

Easter M&M's Fun!

What kid doesn't love playing with their food?? This week we had a lot of fun doing some activities with the Easter M&M candy, also called Bunny Mix. I got a bag of the fun size packs so we could open them as we needed.

First I put several packs together in a jar for our estimation activity.

Don't you just love those colors!?!

They guessed how many total they thought were in the jar, and which color had the most and least.

Next, we took them all out to sort and count them. Then we were able to finish up our estimation worksheet.

We also had fun graphing, measuring, and making patterns with our M&M's! Somewhere in there the kids couldn't take it anymore, so they each got to open a fresh pack and eat some. 


The last thing we did was make paint with our M&M's! We sorted them by colors into bowls, covered them with water, waited a few minutes, and had our very own M&M paint! 

The colors are not very bright, they are more like watercolors, but the kids loved watching the color melt off the candy, change the water and leave the chocolate part!

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 Easter M&M's Fun Activity Pack {Graphing, Sorting, Pattern