18 April 2014

Painting the Cross

This simple activity is one of my favorites! I did this with my kiddos after we read the Easter story from the Storybook Bible. First we cut 2 rectangles from red paper, one shorter than the other, and taped them gently (putting the tape on the back) to white paper. Thicker paper, or even a canvas would work really well for this.  

Then the kids painted all around the cross however they wanted.

We let them dry for a few hours, and then I carefully peeled the cross off, revealing a beautiful white cross underneath! 
We talked about how the first cross represents Jesus on the cross (red for blood) and how he took the punishment for our sins. When we revealed the clean white paper underneath, we talked about how we are made pure and white because of Jesus. There are so many parallels you can make, but I kept it pretty simple since my kids are very young. 
Happy Easter! He is Risen!!