18 November 2014

6 Ways to Use Dot Markers (Bingo Daubers) in the Classroom

Do you use dot markers (also known as bingo daubers) in your classroom? They are such a great invention! They are easy enough to use for preschoolers, but still fun for older kids. Here are some ways you can incorporate them in your classroom or at home with your kids to have fun while learning!

1) Practice the Alphabet - Have students write capital and lowercase letters using dot markers. You can write the letters yourself and have students trace the lines with dots, or you can get these Dot the Alphabet sheets that have circles as a guide, as well as pictures to go along with each letter to reinforce the sound.

Dot the Alphabet - Letter & Sound Recognition

 2. Addition Practice - Have students do simple addition problems using the dot markers instead of counters.

3. More Math Practice - Use the markers to indicate the correct answer instead of writing or circling it. Sometimes just adding the element of the dot markers can make a seemingly boring lesson more funI've made a fun and free multiplication practice page called, "Roll, Multiply, and Color" that you can grab from my "Freebies" page.

4. Sight Word Fun - Have students use the dot markers to find and dot sight words to help build reading skills and practice fluency. You can type up some sentences yourself, or to save you time, I've created a few resources that you can get in my TpT store!

5. Art projects - We love using the dot markers instead of real paint and brushes sometimes. It's much easier and less messy! Of course there's a time for letting kids make a mess and experiment with real paint, but sometimes you just need a quick and easy art project! One thing we like to do is tape a cutout shape onto paper, dot all over, then gently lift the taped shape off.

6. Pattern Practice - Start a pattern of colored dots and let your kids finish! Or give them a pattern type (AB, ABB) and have them choose the colors and show a pattern.
There are different brands of dot markers, but our favorite are Do-a-Dot Art Markers. They are sturdy, and one pack lasted our family a whole yearThere are several different color packs you can get. Here are some links to different packs on Amazon if you'd like to try some of these activities out!