25 November 2014

The Treasure Trove

**12/1/2014 Update - The first issue was mailed out this morning. You can still sign up in the bar at the top of this page, and in the next newsletter email there will be a link to the archives and you will be able to access the Snowman Math Freebies.

Have you all noticed how hard it is to keep up with ever changing social media?

New sites are popping up and others are fading awayThere's too many to keep track of, and people miss a lot because many sites don't show all updates to everyone who follows. It's becoming harder and harder to have a consistent way to communicate with you all!

So, I've decided to begin sending out an email newsletter twice a month, that will include tips, ideas, updates, freebies, and other fun info! I am really excited about this, and I hope you will join me!

The first issue of The Treasure Trove will be sent out next week (the first of December). In this issue, I will include this exclusive Snowman Math: K-5 Freebies pack that you will not find free anywhere else! It includes 4 different activities - Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture, 120 Chart Mystery Picture, Multiplication Mystery Picture, and Mystery Picture Coordinate Graph.