07 November 2014

Penguins Research Pack

I've just finished my newest research pack - I Know About Penguins! I love using these packs to introduce research to little ones and organize our information!

This pack includes:
-KWL Chart
-Can - Have - Are Chart
-Penguins vs. Seals Venn Diagram
-Label a Penguins (2 versions - write or cut & paste)
-Non-fiction passage and questions
-Fact or Opinion - cut, sort, and paste activity
-Penguin Poem (using describing words)
-Penguin Writing Paper
-How to Draw a Penguin

*This pack is designed to help you jump start and organize research. It is not intended to include all the information you need to complete all the graphic organizers. Students will need to read books or do online research to get more information!
I can't wait until January when I will do this pack with my kids!